uncompromisingly good dairy

from our family farm in the meon valley

We care for our free-range, pasture-fed cows and only ever use the best, natural ingredients. In short, we create the highest quality dairy produce, made the way it should be.
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The creamery

We started Tom Parker Creamery with one aim in mind – to make delicious dairy produce without compromising on quality or taste. So we only use fresh milk from our farm, combined with the finest natural ingredients (and no permeate). 

Our cows are free-range and pasture-fed on our family farm in the beautiful Meon Valley, Hampshire. Just like in the days when my Great Grandfather Tom Parker was the Guv’nor …

Jack Martin

our stories...

the Guv’nor

In 1921 my Great Grandfather, Tom Parker, started farming with 14 cows on rented land. He began by delivering milk from his horse and cart, as word spread of the quality of the milk, his fleet of beautifully painted horse drawn milk floats became a regular sight in Hampshire and ‘The Guv’nor’, as he was known, became something of a farming legend. He never let success change him though, describing himself, even to royalty, as ‘the local milkman.’ 

Today, our mission is the same, to deliver the simple but delicious pleasure of natural, high quality dairy produce to as many people as we can.

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a family farm

A born and bred Hampshire man who drew much pleasure from his family, my Great Grandfather settled in the Meon Valley. And to this day, four generations of our family live here, all keeping a watchful eye over our farmland and ensuring Tom Parker’s hard working attitude is preserved. Under the same uncompromising values our family farm runs much the same as it would have back in my Great Grandfather’s days.

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My Great Grandfather was renowned for his belief that hard work never killed anyone…and neither did perfection. Following in his footsteps I am determined to never compromise on taste or quality; using only pure, fresh milk, free of permeate.

Permeate is a by-product of the milk processing industry, whereby milk is split into it’s constituent parts in the factory and then put back together in such a way as to reduce costs by watering down your milk. It’s no surprise that milk tastes fresher, creamier and more delicious when it’s left to the cows, so I guarantee that all our products are 100% natural and permeate free. Because, unlike the milk industry big boys, all our milk comes directly from the cows on our farm… just like back in my Great Grandfather’s day.

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meet our girls

My Great Grandfather knew that happy cows make the best milk, and insisted that each and every one was kept in the best conditions possible. Today we follow these exacting standards, ensuring ‘our girls’ are kept outside for 9 months of the year... 50% longer than free-range regulations state.  Our approach may mean there’s less milk to sell, but for us it’s all about quality not quantity.

our stories...

a personal touch

Walking around the farm, my Great Grandfather would often get caught up in good natured banter with the team, joking about the character of this or that animal.

I believe this personal touch is vital to create the tastiest milk possible. Our small and highly skilled team, knows each of our cows individually. Every morning and evening our cows naturally queue up for milking in the same order, so if one is behaving differently they notice straight away. 

I like to think my Great Grandfather would approve.

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